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Plumbing jobs

Plumbing jobs are very demanding, which is why it is important to hire the most professional staff possible with experience, extensive knowledge, and skill in their trade. In addition to the experts of DomLux Construction, you will not have to worry about possible mistakes that can lead to various inconveniences. When replacing the plumbing, even the smallest leak can lead to leaking pipes and water problems, which will require the re-demolition of tiles, breaking of walls, and a large additional and completely unnecessary expense.

The process of replacing plumbing

In a complete renovation (e.g. bathroom), the most important thing is to determine the condition of the water and sewer pipes. In case they have not been replaced for a very long time, it would be ideal to take advantage of the renovation and replace them. The process requires the dismantling of sanitary facilities and the demolition of walls, as well as the removal of tiles. Replacing old, worn-out pipes prevents them from possibly bursting, which can cause great damage, while gluing new tiles is significantly better than gluing them over the old ones. The removal of sanitary facilities and the demolition of walls, as well as the complete replacement of pipes, do not require more than one day, after which further work can be continued.

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